7 Things You Can Do After Loading Your First Ballet Wallet

So you’ve received, opened, and loaded your first Ballet wallet. Now what?

Well, here are 7 things you can do:

  1. Find a safe location to physically store the Ballet wallet.

As with any physical bearer asset of value, it is always prudent to keep it physically safe. Although any electronic forms of hacking are essentially non-existent, physical threats are still imminent. If you’re planning on storing it in a “set it, and forget it” manner, you need to make sure that location is trusted, secure, and not forgotten. There are way too many instances of people forgetting exactly where they’ve placed their valuable asset if they don’t circle back on it once in a while. It’s similar to the proverbial “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” saying. If you don’t check up on it, you’ll end up forgetting exactly where you placed the wallet, which will ultimately defeat the whole purpose of having that secret secure location.

You also want to make sure you know for sure this location isn’t easily accessible by others. The last thing you want to have is for a nefarious actor to know your secret location.

2. Turn on Privacy Mode on your digital Ballet wallet within the Ballet Crypto app.

If you’re going to use the Ballet wallet on a daily or weekly basis, you will probably be using the Ballet Crypto app quite regularly. It’s important to also keep your wallet and app as stealth as possible. One way to accomplish this is by turning on Privacy Mode on your digital Ballet wallet in the app. This is done by tapping on the glasses icon on the top right corner of the digital wallet image and toggling the Privacy Mode feature on. This prevents others attempting to add your physical wallet to another Ballet Crypto app. Only your Ballet Crypto app will have the digital Ballet wallet on it.

Another method in staying stealth is by hiding your crypto value amount in the app. This can be done by tapping on the value amount, in the top left corner, on the main screen which will then hide the value on the main screen upon opening the app.

3. Formulate a periodic plan to check the condition of the Ballet wallet.

A good practice is to periodically check up on your Ballet wallet. By doing this, you’ll remember how to access your secret secure location without forgetting.

Also, it’s good to examine if the wallet itself is still in good condition. Are the 2 private key components still intact and unrevealed (if you have yet to reveal them)? Are there any noticeable defects to the wallet itself? Are there any stains or dirt on the wallet preventing it from keeping its lustrous shiny look?

By taking care of the Ballet wallet can you only have the Ballet wallet take care of you.

4. Follow @BalletCrypto on Twitter to stay on top of the latest updates.

At Ballet, we’re always innovating and educating our community. It’s our commitment to educate the community on technical wallet knowledge. The more you know about how wallets work, the more comfortable you’ll be with self-custody. And the more you know about how our wallets are made and work, the more comfortable you’ll be with explaining Ballet to others that are looking for a safe and simple self-custody solution.

Come follow our social media to stay on top of the latest updates, giveaways, promotions, podcasts, memes, and more!

5. Learn how to use advanced functions such as airgapped offline signing.

If you want to practice high security, you can try some of our functions located in our Expert Mode menu.

For example, Air-gapped Signing is an advanced method of sending crypto assets that provides an additional layer of separation between Ballet Wallet private keys and any electronic device that could be vulnerable to hacking or malware. Our new Air-gapped Signing function takes cold storage to the next level by allowing you to verify and sign your transaction on an offline device, such that the private key is never exposed on an online device.

6. Consider purchasing more Ballet wallets to spread out your crypto assets.

As your crypto assets expand, it’s prudent to not store them all in one location, let alone in one wallet. Wallet diversification is a defense mechanism to not having all your eggs in one basket. It protects against the accidental loss of one wallet.

There is an old truism involving not placing all of one’s eggs in one basket. This is especially true when it comes to crypto asset storage. Would it be preferable to store 100% of one’s assets in a wallet and then create a contingency backup for it, thereby creating two copies of it? Or is it preferable to have two wallets each holding half of one’s assets? The latter option compartmentalizes your losses in the event that a malign actor does find access to one set of your private keys, while maintaining the same total surface area of risk. The former option would result in a complete loss of funds.

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7. Use the BUY & SWAP features in the Ballet Crypto app for your monthly crypto investing strategies.

Whether you’re conducting a portfolio balancing strategy, dollar cost averaging, or just wanting to add your savings into crypto on a monthly basis, you can use our BUY features in the app to make that happen in a decentralized manner. No need to open up an account on a centralized exchange and worry about memorizing another set of login credentials or having to worry if the exchange will shut down some day. Buying and swapping crypto through the app is seamless and stress free.

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