How to choose the Primary Coin of your Ballet wallet?


The Ballet wallet comes in all types of styles. This can include different coloring, different material, different size, different logo, different deposit address, and etc. Most of it boils down to what you prefer as your primary coin on your Ballet wallet.

What we mean by primary coin is: What coin/token do you want as the front facing logo on the physical wallet along with a relevant deposit address?

Let’s first talk about why there is a front facing logo of a token/coin on the Ballet wallet.

The Ballet wallet was designed and engineered to be simple to use. This is well known throughout our community and for those that have heard of us. Self-custody’s simplicity is at the top of mind along with its security. The pre-generation of certain entropy components abstracts the key generation process for users. In turn, this allows the deposit address of your wallet to also be “ready-to-go” when you receive a Ballet wallet.

Despite the fact that the Ballet wallet is multi-currency supporting over 100+ coins & tokens, we’ve made one of the public addresses handily available on the front face of the physical Ballet wallet. There are many benefits to this design including the ease of receiving crypto and the ease of verifying your wallet’s funds.

It’s common for many purchased Ballet wallets to have the Bitcoin logo and a bitcoin deposit address on the face of the wallet due to this coin’s popularity, but we also have a plethora of other options to choose from such as ETH, XRP, LTC, USD, and many others that can be found at this page here.

So how does one go about and choosing which primary coin/token they want on the face of the wallet? The short answer is: It’s up to the user themselves. But the long answer can be dependant on a number of factors such as:

  • What is the user’s favorite coin/token?
  • Which coin/token will the user be mostly using on a daily basis?
  • Which coin/token does the user only want to allocate to the single wallet?
  • Which coin/token does the user want to “flex”?
  • Which coin/token is the user most loyal to?
  • Will the user have other Ballet wallets with different primary coin/tokens on the face of the wallet?

In addition, last year we launched a new line of gift card products that also carry a different colorized version of the primary coin/token’s logo on the front of the card. Below is an example of how they look.

As a reminder, just because the Ballet wallet only has 1 specific primary coin/token logo on the face of the wallet, the wallet itself is still a multi-currency wallet when used with the Ballet Crypto app.


If you have any suggestions or ideas on what other coin/token logos you would like to see on a Ballet wallet, let us know! And if you are a crypto project, NFT project, or a layer-1 blockchain, reach out to our Co-branded Ballet team at to learn more about getting your team’s logo on a Ballet wallet. Or navigate to our Co-branding landing page here.

So go ahead and be daring in your choosing of Ballet wallet’s primary coin. Let your Ballet wallet represent your crypto loyalty and commitment to self-custody. And as always, HODL safely.

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