Introducing Ballet’s New Physical Bitcoin: The One Milli Bitcoin

On this date fifteen years ago (January 3, 2009), the Bitcoin Genesis Block was mined and the world changed forever. To commemorate this special anniversary, we are pleased to introduce a new physical bitcoin product from Ballet: the One Milli Bitcoin.

Physical Bitcoin

The One Milli Bitcoin is an elegantly-crafted 1 troy ounce copper coin that holds 0.001 BTC. It is inspired by the enduring legacy of the iconic Casascius and BTCC Mint physical bitcoins that were prominent in Bitcoin’s early years. The concept of a physical bitcoin can be described as the transmutation of digital on-chain value into solid physical form. In simpler terms, it’s a physical object that contains a bitcoin private key. Physical bitcoins have appealed to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traditional physical coin collectors alike due to the convergence of monetary history, present, and future that they artistically represent.

The One Milli Bitcoin implements the same tamper-evident, two-factor encrypted private key security architecture that Ballet’s cold storage cards are built on. Since the first Ballet product was launched in 2019, there has never been a reported incident of funds lost due to security failure or product defect. So in addition to its appeal as a visually attractive collectible, the One Milli Bitcoin can serve as a secure and reliable physical bearer asset for personal investment or real-world, off-chain transactions. 

According to Ballet CEO Bobby Lee, “The One Milli Bitcoin is a natural addition to Ballet’s lineup of physical cryptocurrency storage products. It’s something I have been excited about for quite a while, and with the Bitcoin halving coming soon, now is the perfect time to introduce this unique and innovative physical bitcoin.”

Ballet will introduce new physical bitcoins of different denominations and made of different materials in the coming months.

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