Moms Need Bitcoin

In most families, Mother’s Day is not a normal time to talk about financial matters. The topic of finances can be a source of stress and anxiety on a day when the focus should be on enjoying quality time together with family. However, Bitcoin is a source of hope and optimism for millions of families around the world, and should not be off limits for discussion on Mother’s Day.

“Mother” is much too large of a slice of the population to​ generalize as a whole when it comes to their financial needs and aspirations, or their understanding of Bitcoin. But there is a common maternal perspective (shared by fathers too) that transcends cultures and generations, which is a view of the world that prioritizes the safety and material well-being of their children, in the present and the future.

One of the most important concerns parents have is ensuring their children's financial future is secure. Even in societies of material abundance, financial destitution is still a probable outcome for many people. Perhaps one day global poverty will be eliminated, but until then, we should seek to acquire practical financial knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate the complexities of the modern global economy and avoid bad outcomes.

For the average person in most modern economies, they hope to earn in exchange for their lifetime of labor enough surplus income to fund a comfortable retirement, provide for their children's education, and leave an inheritance. These financial objectives correspond with humanity’s instinctual maternal and paternal drives to nurture, protect, and provide for one's offspring. Bitcoin is a wealth-building technology that can greatly help to achieve these objectives. 

It is important to acknowledge that Bitcoin is not the solution to every economic problem. Bitcoin holders are not immune to the broader macroeconomic challenges that impact all forms of wealth. Recessions and depressions could still occur, and simply holding Bitcoin will not protect from the effects of high unemployment, insufficient income, food shortages, social unrest, and other nightmare scenarios. However, Bitcoin has a unique set of properties that can provide a significant advantage for families seeking to preserve their wealth for the benefit of future generations.

Inflation, the reduction of purchasing power over time, is an inherent attribute of fiat currency. For families seeking to save and grow their wealth for the future, inflation is a serious impediment; it perpetually degrades the value of their fiat-denominated financial assets, forcing them to work longer and harder to achieve their long-term financial objectives. In order to accumulate enough wealth to fund a family’s education, retirement, and inheritance objectives, it is necessary to earn a rate of return on investment that is substantially greater than the real rate of inflation. High rates of inflation force savers to take on riskier investments just to stay above water and maintain their purchasing power. This is not a prudent strategy for family financial planning, which should be to provide certainty and minimize risk, not increase risk.

Bitcoin is the antidote to inflation. Unlike the perpetually growing fiat currency money supply, the fixed supply of Bitcoin makes it anti-inflationary. As a result, fiat currencies and fiat-denominated financial assets will all continue to decline in value relative to Bitcoin. In essence, we observe Bitcoin absorbing the value of the broader fiat financial system over time. It is an automatic wealth transfer. Every investor is faced with a choice: hold fiat currency and watch its purchasing power erode, or hold Bitcoin and benefit from its appreciation relative to fiat. For families seeking to preserve the value of their savings, the choice is clear: Moms Need Bitcoin.

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