Stop handing out flimsy paper cards.


Ballet’s Crypto Business Cards: A modern approach to the traditional practice of introducing your professional business.


The world we live in is rapidly changing. The trend of increased digitization has especially accelerated in recent times due to the ongoing pandemic. Personal interaction and old business customs such as dinner meetings have morphed into digital conferences; printed out personal CVs can be substituted with a LinkedIn profile link. Paper reports have all but become obsolete with the wealth of more interactive and lightweight substitutes as a medium for information.

With control of the pandemic stabilizing, in-person meetings and networking opportunities are going to become the daily norm again. The exchanging of professional information with one another, traditionally done by the exchange of business cards, should evolve as well.

Instead of handing out flimsy paper business cards to a prospective client or partner, modernize yourself by handing them Ballet’s new Crypto Business Card product. A revolutionary new concept of the business card, marrying the physical with the digital.

Your Personalized Crypto Business Card

The Crypto Business Card is a synthesis of the traditional business card concept and Ballet’s physical cryptocurrency storage technology. The Crypto Business Card serves the same purpose as ordinary business cards, but they can also store cryptocurrency inside! They are made of high-quality plastic and fit perfectly into any wallet. The front side of the card displays your name, company name, logo, and contact information. The necessary crypto information is stored on the back side of the card.



Customizing your Crypto Business Card is easy to complete through our customizable interface shown above.

The Crypto Business Card can hold any one of the 100+ cryptocurrencies and tokens supported by Ballet. The front side of each card displays your selected cryptocurrency and denomination, but cards are empty when sold. Customers are responsible for sending the denominated amount of crypto to the address of the card.

The Crypto Business Card implements the BIP38 open-source industry standard for cryptocurrency storage. The crypto stored on each card is protected by a tamper-evident sticker and a strip of lottery-style scratch-off material. As long as the sticker and scratch-off are intact, you can be certain that your two private key components are safe and have never been seen by anyone.



We are confident that the Crypto Business Card will be a valuable tool for building relationships in business and life. Without a doubt, it is a great way to execute a traditional maneuver with a modern twist. A recipient will surely think twice before disposing of a business card loaded with monetary value, which doubly reinforces the functionality of the card.

Ordering Process is as easy as:

Step 1: Personalize your business card via our website.

Step 2: Provide shipping information. The estimated time from order to delivery is just 2 weeks (for United States orders).

Step 3: Check out and make payment.

For more information and how to order, please refer to the link below.


About us

Ballet is a U.S. company that provides simple and secure cryptocurrency storage solutions for the global mainstream market. Ballet is the team behind the world’s first multi-currency, non-electronic, physical crypto wallet. The company was founded in 2019 by Bobby Lee and an international team of cryptocurrency industry veterans. Ballet is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States, and has an office in Shanghai, China.

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