What’s the deal with brain wallets?


Crypto wallets come in so many different variations these days. The plethora of crypto wallets on the market can make a newcomer feel anxiety when trying to figure out which wallet to use first. Not only do users need to consider a wallet’s security standard, but also its functionality based on the user’s technological competence. Another factor which doesn’t really get a lot of measurement from is the design and form factor. Crypto wallets need to look savvy and look, but at the same time subtle.

Sounds super stealth and secure, what’s the risk?

1.Flat out forgetting it


Short conclusion, don’t use a brain wallet unless you know what you are doing. Rather, use a Ballet wallet. They were designed and engineered to do away with complicated technology but also to be stealth in crypto ownership. Ballet wallet’s unique stainless-steel, durable form makes it a lot easier to store an analog device for a long period of time. There also is no need to memorize anything as the private key entropy components are all protected under anti-tamper proof material on the wallet itself. And there is practically zero risk of hackers being able to steal your funds.

About us

Ballet is a U.S. company that provides simple and secure cryptocurrency storage solutions for the global mainstream market. Ballet is the team behind the world’s first multi-currency, non-electronic, physical crypto wallet. The company was founded in 2019 by Bobby Lee and an international team of cryptocurrency industry veterans. Ballet is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States, and has an office in Shanghai, China.

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