PURE Bitcoin 100 Bits (5-Pack & 20-Pack)

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PURE Bitcoin 100 Bits (5-Pack & 20-Pack)
PURE Bitcoin 100 Bits (5-Pack & 20-Pack)
PURE Bitcoin 100 Bits (5-Pack & 20-Pack)
PURE Bitcoin 100 Bits (5-Pack & 20-Pack)
PURE Bitcoin 100 Bits (5-Pack & 20-Pack)

PURE Bitcoin 100 Bits (5-Pack & 20-Pack)

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• PURE products are not preloaded with any bitcoin. Please load your own bitcoin into the PURE product.

• Crypto Gift Cards are only compatible with Ballet Crypto app version 1.21.0 and above.

• The Deposit Address will no longer be displayed once the card balance reaches the denominated value.

• The app will only allow the full balance of a PURE Gift Card to be withdrawn in a single transaction.

• For bulk orders please contact us at sales@ballet.com.

Easy Gifting For Any
Single Use Gift
Zero Setup

Redefining Crypto Gifting

Crypto Gifting Made Personal

PURE Series Crypto Gift Cards are plastic gift cards that can be loaded with crypto, specifically designed to provide a frictionless gifting experience with a personal touch.

It’s As Easy As Load and Gift

If you know how traditional gift cards work, then you’re ready for PURE Series Crypto Gift Cards. It’s as simple as loading your crypto and then gifting it.

​​Easy Gifting For Any Occasion

PURE Gift Card primarily functions as a convenient and cost efficient means for gifting Bitcoin to people unfamiliar with Crypto, as they provide a tangible representation of the Cryptocurrency.

Single-Use Gift Cards

Like conventional gift cards, Ballet PURE Gift Cards are designed to be used one time.

The deposit address will be hidden after card balance reaches denomination and the balance can only be withdrawn in a single transaction.

Zero Setup Required

PURE Gift Cards come ready-to-use.

Just scan the QR code to view the card’s deposit address, then send crypto to it.

Ballet Crypto App
The Digital Companion to Your Physical Crypto.

Load & Transfer

Use the Ballet Crypto App to deposit and transfer crypto to/from your gift card.

Follow the simple on-screen instructions - no hassle, no confusion.

Download app on

Tech Specs
Height: 54 mm
Thickness: 0.76 mm
Width: 86 mm
7 grams
Polyvinyl Chlorid (PVC) Plastic
Media and Industry Coverage
"The Ballet card is fairly simple to use and even someone new to crypto could get the hang of it with a few minutes of use."
"Ballet’s first wallet, called REAL, has no electronic parts. It means the wallet, which stores electronic keys, cannot be hacked."
Yahoo! Finance UK
"[Ballet wallets] eradicate all the hassle that comes with setting up a newly purchased or created cryptocurrency wallet."
“Ballet, a crypto hardware wallet for the masses”