PURE Bitcoin 0.005 BTC (5-Pack)
PURE Bitcoin 0.005 BTC (5-Pack)
PURE Bitcoin 0.005 BTC (5-Pack)
PURE Bitcoin 0.005 BTC (5-Pack)
PURE Bitcoin 0.005 BTC (5-Pack)
PURE Bitcoin 0.005 BTC (5-Pack)
PURE Bitcoin 0.005 BTC (5-Pack)
PURE Bitcoin 0.005 BTC (5-Pack)

PURE Bitcoin 0.005 BTC (5-Pack)

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PURE products are not preloaded with any bitcoin. Please load your own bitcoin into the PURE product.
Denominated Design
Physical Bearer
Not Preloaded with

Bitcoin Wallets*.

Designed For Bitcoin Lovers, By Bitcoin Lovers.

(1) PURE Bitcoin wallets can only hold bitcoin and are sold without any bitcoin preloaded onto them.

Stack Sats Physically

PURE Bitcoin is an easy, safe, reliable method of offline cold storage that meets the standards of security-minded Bitcoin Investors.

Gift Bitcoin in Style

PURE Bitcoins are elegant in appearance and constructed of high-quality materials for excellent durability, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.

Marked Denomination

Each PURE Bitcoin is designed to store an exact amount of bitcoin, with the denomination shown on the front.

Physical Bearer Asset

The private key entropy and passphrase entropy are contained on the physical cold storage itself, allowing it to function as a bearer asset like cash or gold.

Wealth Preservation Tool

PURE Bitcoin is great for the long-term holding of bitcoin, as it reduces the temptation of panic-selling during market corrections.

Ballet Crypto App
The Digital Companion to Your Physical Crypto.

Send & Receive

The Ballet Crypto App is the digital interface for your physical Ballet cold storage - receive, send, monitor, manage, and swap your crypto assets.

Follow the simple on-screen instructions - no hassle, no confusion.

Download app on

Tech Specs
Height: 54 mm
Thickness: 1.2 mm
Width: 86 mm
35 grams
304 Stainless Steel, 24K Gold-plated

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Media and Industry Coverage
"The Ballet card is fairly simple to use and even someone new to crypto could get the hang of it with a few minutes of use."
"Ballet’s first wallet, called REAL, has no electronic parts. It means the wallet, which stores electronic keys, cannot be hacked."
Yahoo! Finance UK
"[Ballet wallets] eradicate all the hassle that comes with setting up a newly purchased or created cryptocurrency wallet."
“Ballet, a crypto hardware wallet for the masses”